Membership Sites MasterClass

Chris Lockwood

Membership Sites MasterClass has strategies, tactics, tips, and techniques for creating profitable membership sites that you won't find anywhere else.

The course covers everything from start to finish, with information-packed, step-by-step videos that take you through the process at your own pace.

Based on over ten years of experience and research, this is THE membership site training course you've been waiting for.

This program includes what may be the most complete training on niche selection that you've ever seen. You'll see how to create a list of possible niches and filter it down to identify which one has the best potential for a membership site and fits you like a glove.

You won't just choose a niche but also get to know your niche like the back of your hand, so you can serve it better. (Hint: it's not "what" but "who".)

Membership Sites MasterClass covers the often ignored but critical phase of planning. You wouldn't build a house without a blueprint, so why would you start a membership site without planning it first?

You'll learn how to choose the best membership software for your site, including details of all the features to look for. We include in-depth tours of several popular membership scripts and software.

They say content is king, and that is especially true with membership sites, so Membership Sites MasterClass doesn't skimp on this important topic. It features in-depth coverage of the six types of content (including the two that others don't tell you about).

Guest experts Jeff Wark and Lori Steffen will show you easy ways to get content ideas for your membership site.

Dr. Ron Capps, the NicheProf, will teach you the importance of community to a membership site and how to implement it.

A membership site is useless if you can't get members to it, so Membership Sites MasterClass includes an extensive module on marketing that goes way beyond traditional Internet marketing tactics.

You'll learn numerous methods (many of them free) to attract members to your site, plan and execute a successful launch, work with affiliates, and make money from your membership site (which goes way beyond just the membership dues).

Once your site is up and running, you'll need to keep it going, so the course includes important topics like supporting and retaining members, managing email lists for your site, and an extensive section on outsourcing with guest expert David Perdew.

You can now get access to the only membership site training course that goes into detail on all the important topics you need to know about... Membership Sites MasterClass.

Chris Lockwood
Chris Lockwood
Founder and Director of Online Training

After getting his B.S. in computer science, Chris worked as a software developer for 15 years. He built his first website in 1995 and in 2002, he started his online business. Since then he has been an author, publisher, blogger, affiliate marketer, membership site creator, and e-commerce store owner, among other things. He has written and published a number of books for Kindle, including three number one bestsellers. He has been a featured speaker and expert panel member at several business seminars and conferences, primarily on the topics of membership sites and Kindle publishing.

In 2016, Chris founded The IM Dojo to provide a place for people to get the training they need for their online businesses.

Course Contents

Module 0: Overview
1. Course Overview
2. The Six Steps
3. Membership Models
4. Recurring Payment (Subscription) Site
5. One Pay (Single Payment) Site
6. Fixed Number of Payments
7. Free Membership SItes
8. Multilevel Sites
9. Open vs Closed Membership SItes
10. Magazine-Style Sites
11. Community SItes
12. Other Membership Models
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Module 1: Niche
1. Module 1 Overview
2. The Niche Selection Process
3. The List of Possibilities
4. Brainstorming Niches at the Library
5. Brainstorming Niches at the Bookstore
6. Brainstorming Niches Online
7. Brainstorming Niches on amazon
8. Online Brainstorming: Magazine Sites
9. Online Brainstorming: Yahoo and Meetup Groups
10. The Niche Filtering Process
11. The Membership Filter
12. The Me Filter
13. The Marketing Filter
14. Final Niche Selection
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Module 2: Planning
1. Module 2 Overview
2. Niche Discovery
3. Niche Discovery: Forums
4. Niche Discovery: amazon
5. Niche Discovery: Adwords Keyword Planner
6. Niche Discovery: Other Keyword Tools
7. Niche Discovery: 26 Twitter Tips
8. Niche Discovery: TV
9. Content Planning
10. Pricing
11. Payment Systems
12. PayPal
13. Stripe
14. ClickBank
15. JVZoo
16. Merchant Accounts
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Module 3: Software
1. Module 3 Overview
2. Membership Software
3. Membership Scripts
4. Hosted Solutions
5. Courseware
6. Thinkific
7. Content Management Systems
8. Membership Site Software Features
9. Advanced Membership Site Features
10. Affiliate Software
11. Drip Feed Content
12. Amember
13. WordPress / WIshList Member
14. Software Recommendations
List of Membership Software Solutions
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Module 4: Content
1. Module 4 Overview
2. Types of Content
3. Text and Graphics
4. Audio Content
5. Audacity (Audio Recorder / Editor)
6. Stairway to Teleseminars
7. BlogTalkRadio
8. Video Content
9. Camtasia
10. ScreenFlow
11. Whiteboard Videos
12. Offline Content
13. Content Creation Strategies with Jef Warkf and Lori Steffen
14. Resale Rights and PLR Content
15. Public Domain Content with Charlie Hicks
16. Wikipedia Content
17. What is Stickiness? with Dr Ron Capps (the NicheProf)
18. Starting a Community with Dr Ron Capps
19. Community Components
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Module 5: Marketing
1. Module 5 Overview
2. Sales Letters
3. Free Traffic Methods
4. Paid Traffic Methods
5. Scarcity and Urgency
6. Upsells, Downsells
7. The Delayed Upsell
8. How to Use Free Memberships to Sell Paid Memberships with Dr Ron Capps
9. Trial Memberships
10. Giveaways
11. The Free Report Strategy
12. Lifetime Memberships
13. Working with Affiliates
14. Launching Your Membership Site
15. Building a List for Your Membership Site
16. Preparing Your Site for the Prelaunch
17. The Prelaunch
18. The Launch Week
19. The Rolling Launch
20. The Relaunch
21. Use Your Membership As a Bonus
22. Use Your Membership As a Reward or Barter
23. Sell a Sample
24. Create a One-Pay Membership Site Instead of a Product like an Ebook
25. Convert an Existing Product to a Membership SIte
26. Use Your Site As the Backend
27. The Taco Bell Strategy
28. The Cafeteria Plan
29. Annual Payment Blues
30. The 100% Commission Strategy
31. Repurposing Membership Site Content with Jeff Wark and Lori Steffen
32. More Repurposing Strategies with Jeff Wark and Lori Steffen
33. Beyond Membership Dues: Monetizing Your SIte
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Module 6: Operations
1. Module 6 Overview
2. Member Support
3. Managing Email Lists for Your Membership Site
4. The Prospect List
5. The Followup Series
6. Broadcast Messages
7. Outsourcing Overview with David Perdew
8. Getting Started with Outsourcing with David Perdew
9. Outsourcing Tactics with David Perdew
10. Retaining Members
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